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12 tips to save for travel

The main reason why most people do not travel as they would like is undoubtedly due to the lack of money, or rather, the bad management they have of it.

Many times I hear some typical phrases like: “I have so many things to pay that I could never travel. If I had more money in fact I would travel. Only people who have a lot of money can travel. I don’t earn enough money to save… ”And another great list of good excuses.

The truth is that any of us can start traveling if it is what you really want to do. In the first place and I think that the most important thing is to be clear about the objective, to know where we want to go, how much we plan to spend on the trip and establish a maximum period of time to be able to save and generate that money. This goal should be something really important for you, no matter if it is a weekend or a year trip, the most important thing is that it is something that really motivates you to take action and do different things that you may not be used to. to do and they take you out of your comfortable zone.

When the objective is clear, the forms are created and in this case I want to share with you 12 tips on how to save money to travel that have helped me to make many of the trips I have made so far:

  1. Have an account for saving your trips

If you really want to make that trip you always dreamed of, the first thing you should do is recognize it as a priority in your life; and for this you can start by creating a savings account (not necessarily in the bank) where you allocate a percentage of your income or your savings only and exclusively for that trip you want so much. Having a specific account for this purpose and saving weekly, biweekly or monthly will make you feel your dream closer and closer, remember that what you focus on expands.

  1. Learn to prioritize based on your goals

If your goal is to travel then go out every weekend and spend 20 to 50 dollars on a night between alcohol, disco, taxis and others is NOT an option. I do not say that you become a hermit who walks alone around the world without leaving home, but you must be aware that if you want to travel more, you need to prioritize travel before other distractions that make you lose focus and especially make you lose money. You can also look for other ways to get distracted than alcohol, parties and sunrises. Your body and your pocket will thank you

  1. Keep a daily record of your expenses and identify what you can reduce

Has it ever happened to you that you have 15 dollars in your pocket and suddenly you get a snack at work and you feel like a chocolate, with a soda, maybe a halls after lunch or a coffee for the cold; and when you finally get home you realize that of those 15 dollars you only have 5 left and you ask yourself: “What could I spend my money on if I didn’t do anything special today?” Those little daily expenses you make are called “ant expenses ”And are those snacks of the day that if you manage to identify you can begin to reduce them little by little and generate a different way of saving.

  1. Save in a piggy bank what you did not spend and the money that “had disappeared”

Has it ever happened to you that a plan was canceled or were you planning to spend a certain amount of money on something and finally it didn’t happen? Or maybe it occurred to you to do house cleaning and you found a $ 5 bill in a jean that you hadn’t used for a while? Well, that money that you did not spend or that you thought had disappeared and you no longer had can go directly to your piggy bank. I may not make you a millionaire, but believe me that after a while and without realizing it … I might even surprise you.

  1. Prepare your own food at home

One of the main expenses we deal with daily is food, a basic need and therefore almost impossible and not recommended to eliminate in our day to day; However, what we can do is reduce this expense in an intelligent and healthy way by preparing our own food at home and in this way you can avoid spending high sums of money in restaurants every day.

  1. Avoid fads and compulsive purchases

At this point you mainly work your willpower and your focus on the objective, so it is important that the trip you want to make is something that really motivates you because probably only that way the day you want to buy some shoes, you stop to think on your trip and choose to deposit that money in your travel savings account instead of spending it on a whim of the moment. It is better to collect experiences than material things that you eventually forget and lose value.

  1. Return to your parents’ house or share an apartment

Whether for the distance, for comfort or for the simple fact of wanting to have your “own space” many people leave home looking for a corner in the world of you for you. However, normally these places are not free and on the contrary it means that an important sum of money has to come out of your pocket, so if you are seriously thinking about traveling and what you earn is still not enough for your own apartment, I recommend that you put into practice advice number 2 and prioritize your goals. Maybe you can go back to your parents’ house for a while (they will usually receive you with love) or find a friend with whom you can share the apartment expenses. I have implemented the second option and I am happy with my roomie

  1. Avoid using taxis if it is not really necessary

Transport as well as food are almost inevitable expenses that we carry out on a daily basis, and in this case what you can do is find other means to mobilize such as cycling, rollerblading, walking or if it is a distant place you also have the option of getting up earlier to take public transport without spending a lot of money or stress because you are against time and you live more quietly

  1. Check your consumptions and automatic payments

Automatic payments help a lot to keep our accounts up to date; However, sometimes they become so automatic that we completely forget that we are paying for them and do not even use them properly. This happens with gyms, club membership, virtual courses, etc. Give yourself some time to review the services you have acquired and analyze if they are really necessary or if you can live without them or see another way to do something similar but spending less or for free. For example, instead of going to the gym (which you don’t even go to) you can go jogging or practice some outdoor sports. In addition to being cheaper you breathe pure air and are not locked.

  1. Pay your credit cards on time

Although it sounds too obvious to pay your cards on time, it is something that many of us have failed at least once in a lifetime (and I include myself). The penalty that banks charge for not paying the cards on time is around 10 dollars or more, which ends up being a considerable amount of money, especially if it happens to you often. The important thing here is that you have clear your payment dates and do not wait for the last day to pay because it can happen to you that day you were super busy or something unexpected happened and you no longer had time to pay.

  1. Avoid credits and loans

Spending money that you do not have or that you will not be able to pay later is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, especially if you want to travel. Debts end up being a way to keep you tied to a place, at least until you pay them. Say NO to installment purchases. Do not let banks take your money in interest. Use the credit cards intelligently to accumulate miles, prizes or advantages that banks sometimes give you.

  1. Sell ​​what you no longer use

This is a quick and easy way to generate money. Who does not have at home an item in good condition that he no longer uses or maybe he never used and has it refurbished in the last drawer of the closet? Maybe a wallet that you no longer use, a jacket that you never had, skates that you stopped using a long time ago or an electronic device that you bought when it came out of fashion but that you never used because they gave you another equal or because it simply bored you.

These are some of the ways I use to save money to travel, there are many more ways. The most important thing is that if you really want to save for your next trip, start putting into practice some of these tips or any other useful one.

Do not expect different results if you continue to do the same, dare to do something different today

And you, what other ways to save money do you use to travel? If you have any other recommendations, you can share it in the comments and help each other

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