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21 Tips to pack while traveling

With the flights and the hotel booked, packing is what worries you the least. We know that it is like any other order, but if you follow our expert advice to pack your suitcase, you will see that this time you do not forget anything …

  1. make a list

We already know that it sounds super boring, but travel lists are the best way to spend a stress-free vacation. Make a list of the essential things for a trip and the things you would like to take with you. Be realistic and keep in mind the limitations of luggage. If you need inspiration to make the list, maybe this helps you …

  1. Do not forget the first aid kit

Let’s see, we don’t tell you to prepare yourself as if you were going to live in another country for a year, we simply recommend that you take a small bag with the pills and medications you may need. After all, nobody wants to have an unbearable headache, fever, stomach upset or all three things at the same time on vacation. It may be easy to buy the medicines in the city, but maybe in the country you visit they only sell them with a prescription. And the same goes for allergy or asthma medications … don’t forget to pack them in your suitcase!

  1. Control the liquids

Today all of us who have traveled already know about this, but there are still doubts among many people and that is why the line at the airport security checkpoint is slow, when some rebel tries to put a bottle of water. To the dismay of many, the hand luggage of European flights has a limit of 100 milliliters per container and everything has to fit in a transparent ziploc plastic bag (you can usually get it at the airport, but they make you pay for it). If you carry liquids that exceed that limit, you better put them directly in the checked bag.

  1. The tags are here to help.

Unless you’re a super spy, traveling incognito shouldn’t worry you.

Most suitcases come with standard labels, be sure to fill them out, you will appreciate it if you, (or your airline) lose your suitcase!

  1. Be aware of baggage restrictions

If the airline says: “23 kilos”, then it’s 23 kilos! Weigh the suitcase before going to the airport and make sure it does not exceed the limit, if not, you will have to drop the ticket at the airport, even worse, say goodbye to that sweater that cost your grandmother so much to do. We’ve all tried to put an extra pair of pants in a suitcase to overflow, but the restrictions exist for a reason, and that reason is your safety. What reminds us …

  1. Leave room for purchases you make during the holidays

It does not matter if they are duty free things or souvenirs, it is inevitable that you end up returning with more things than you left, so leave room for those possible purchases!

  1. Forget the shoes

The worst and the most frustrating thing when packing is shoes. The amount of shoes you should take will depend on how long the trip lasts. However, we think that three pairs is a reasonable figure for a one or two week vacation. More important than the space they occupy, is the function we give them. So it is better that before putting on some hiking boots or some heels, you put a pair of shoes that serve you for all situations. Make the most comfortable for the plane, and remember to put on socks too, so you will have more space in the suitcase.

  1. Makeup: don’t get excited!

Unless you want to go to a desert island, you can buy shampoo or sunscreen in any corner of the world. If you pack a few liquids in your suitcase, you will also avoid taking the unpleasant surprise that some sticky liquid has come out and has been scattered throughout the suitcase. And if you really can’t live without that facial cream, try to take only the amount you need for your vacation and nothing else. That way you can throw away the container when it is empty and make space in the suitcase for your return trip.

  1. The famous rolls …

Much has been said about this advice, but we firmly believe that rolling clothes is the best. Not only because this way you save your clothes wrinkles, but also because you can save a lot of space when packing your suitcase.

  1. Put everything valuable in your carry-on bag

Nowadays, airlines don’t lose their luggage so often, but why take the risk? Go safely and store all expensive things in your carry-on bag, from your camera to your diamond engagement ring.

  1. Don’t forget the adapters

If you already know that you are going to need them, do not spend the money they ask for at the airport and buy them in advance.

  1. Take your clothes everyday, nothing too eccentric

Maybe you wanted to take that banana costume on the trip, but is it really necessary? Elegant clothes or not? That is the question you should ask when you calculate the space of the suitcase. Take daily clothes and ONE outfit at night, but leave extravagant clothes at home.

  1. Be careful with the delicate

If you have to bring glass plates or glasses, wrap them with bubble wrap or put them between your clothes and pack them in the middle of the suitcase, it is the safest way to know that they will arrive alive.

  1. Sort your clothes

Pack your clothes in groups, that is, shirts with shirts, pants with pants … This way it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for and unpack your suitcase when you arrive at your destination.

  1. Put a mini closet in your carry-on bag

Not a literal mini closet, of course, but it’s always a good idea to put a change of clothes in your carry-on bag, just in case your luggage is lost in a moment of confusion at the airport.

  1. Don’t guess the weather, check it out!

Depending on where you go, weather forecasts are your best ally or your worst enemy. Rain or shine, meteorologists will always tell you the temperature you will have during your vacation. Check it the day before flying and pack your bag accordingly, and leave room for that umbrella that you hope you don’t have to use.

  1. Forget the manicure on the plane

Advice for the ladies (and for the gentlemen who take care of themselves): if you are thinking of packing a lime, scissors or any other weevil device in the suitcase, forget it! They are prohibited and at the airport they will ask you to throw them away.

  1. The most important things put them up

If you think you may need that little thing (even if you might need it at the airport), such as a sweater … put it up! It is very obvious advice, but it may be so obvious that the same thing happens to you!

  1. Towels?

Towels! Another inconvenient article that occupies a lot of space and about which you should think long and hard, to know if you are going to need it or not. Check if there are towels in the place where you are staying (probably yes) and pack your bag with that in mind.

  1. Take off your clothes at the airport security checkpoint

You are unlikely to be asked to stay in your underwear, but you may be asked to take something off when you go through the control. Normally they ask you to take off your shoes, belt and coat, and any jewel or metal object that you can wear. What if you travel with a laptop or tablet? You’ll have to take them out of the backpack or briefcase at the security post.

  1. Do not leave the house without the basics

This penultimate advice is important, because without these things, you will have to return directly to your home: check again and again that you carry money, a valid passport and for the sake of your travel companions, a toothbrush. Have all this at hand, so you will not forget the most important …

Enjoy the holidays!


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