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Andean lakes crossing

Andean lakes crossing
With Viajes Jazmine

Discover the impressive ways to have fun and spend a great experience with your family or friends on this great lake crossing trip, but you may wonder what is the lake crossing? What I can do? What is awesome about this lake crossing? Well with Jazmine Travel you will find out.

There is no better date than September to do this adventure, since the ice glaciers are generated by the weather and you can live the entire Eskimo experience, but with the Latin warmth that you like so much.

With this type of excursions I recommend a guide recommended by us, you can not imagine the facilities offered by this guide and more advantages that will make your trip much more enjoyable. Also traveling in a group of family or friends makes the experience more emotional with your loved ones.

South America is home to some of the most impressive natural landscapes on the planet. Mountains populated by elegant forests, lakes of dark and crystalline waters, imposing snowy peaks and ancient glaciers, are some of the wonders found in this region. The famous Lake Crossing, a tour that unites Chile and Argentina, is one of the best ways to enjoy these places.

I can not let you miss this unforgettable experience that is knocking at the door, these are some of the activities you would be doing at the Andean crossing.

  • We begin the trip with a boat trip and in the background Lake Llanquihue, from the beginning of the trip we start with one of the many natural beauties that this crossing has.
  • A mandatory stop to see a turquoise waterfall is the prefect place to take your photos and upload them to Instagram to start showing off.
  • After the tour we arrive at the border of Argentina to a town called Peulla, which frankly will surely love it as much as we do.
  • The local inhabitants have created a series of outdoor activities that highlight the charm of the town, for example:
  • 4×4 ride leading to the Negro River or to a viewpoint in the Pedregoso Valley
  • Trail to Las Mellizas waterfall
  • Kayak ride enjoying the company of cormorants, huet huet and other native birds

Among other activities that will never make you forget this experience and you will be left wanting to return.

  • We arrived at Vicente Pérez National Park, where time stands still, it is one of the few places in the world where man has not put his hands, that is a guarantee seal that we are witnessing a work created by Mother Nature herself . What are you waiting to come!
  • You can fly fishing a secret that few know.
  • We have a more extreme and fun trekking at the same time, which is climbing or a path to the tronador volcano that starts from the white river.

The truth is that in this place you will find everything you need to relax and enjoy a good holiday, which will surely leave you wanting to return. Definitely, a territory that is frozen in time where nature has followed its natural course without being intervened by man.

Fun facts

  • The town of Peulla only has a population of 120 people and only has 7 children in its school.
  • In the cold lake the ashes of several governors of Chileans have been tied, as a form of respect.
  • In the cold port is “the powerful II” that was the motorcycle of Che Guevara, where he began his trip throughout almost Latin America in 1951.
  • In the waterfall the singers is the coihue tree that is more than 1000 years old, it is one of the few trees worldwide that has exceeded that age.
  • A species of triathlon is held every year in Lake Llanquihue in the month of January or February.